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  1. PFC D. Grinch -> Cpl D. Grinch
  2. Congratulations to those who've been promoted! Keep up the good work! LCpl H. Berkley -> Cpl H. Berkley LCpl N. Newman -> Cpl N. Newman PFC T. Larsen -> LCpl T. Larsen PFC K. Martin -> LCpl K. Martin PFC C. Rubix -> LCpl C. Rubix Pvt J. Kalasag -> PFC J. Kalasag Pvt A. Bare -> PFC A. Bare Pvt W. Smith -> PFC W. Smith Pvt R. Mittler -> PFC R. Mittler
  3. OC S. Anderson -> 2ndLt S. Anderson Cpl D. Jackson -> Sgt D. Jackson Cpl H. Wessell -> Sgt H. Wessell LCpl S. Williams -> Cpl S. Williams PFC J. Lodi -> LCpl J. Lodi PFC R. Raven -> LCpl R. Raven Pvt D. Grinch -> PFC D. Grinch Pvt K. Martin -> PFC K. Martin Pvt A. Tiblier -> PFC A. Tiblier Pvt H. Robles -> PFC H. Robles Pvt T. Reaper -> PFC T. Reaper
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