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  1. I am very excited to say that the unit has taken our first steps in opening our unit to public operations by launching a public server. This post will cover server information and rules and regulations regarding the server. Server Information: IP: Port: 2322 Password: Rules and Regulations: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uWbsXhYRrOAWw9khYA64SR3eZx3oy3iYMxVz6FCZacE/edit?usp=sharing
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    Agenda ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Deployment Map Mods Enemy Leadership Unit Health Report
  3. until
    Promotion Points Zeus New MAGTF Members Pre-Deployment Open discussion ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Agenda: 1) Unit Health Report 2) Leadership 3) Replacements 4) Next campaign 5) Open discussion
  5. until
    Unit check-in Navy (Presentation by Ness)
  6. until
    Agenda: Round Table Unit Update 1 Year Anniversary Zeus
  7. The unit is moving forward with plans to consolidate our platoons onto Sunday.
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    Q2/Q3 Planning
  9. Maj C. Wright

    HQ Meeting

    Agenda 1) New deployment discussion 2) Work-up planning 3) Unit training 4) Unit health report
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    This is a mandatory official training: If you cannot attend you must submit an LOA regarding your non-attendance. This exercise is expected to last 30 - 60 minutes and will not last longer than hour as we will adhere to a strict schedule.
  11. The month of February represents 6 months of continuous operation for the 1st Marine Division! Congratulations to everyone who made this feet possible both those who are still with us today and those who came before. Every member who has come through and still is in the 1st Marine Division has attributed to the success of this unit. We are not done yet though, the 1st Marine Division is looking forward and looking to continuously improve the experience that it provides its members. A message from Company Commander Major C. Wright
  12. After over a month long deployment in Europe the 1st Marine Division returns from fighting the Russian's victorious. 1st Marine Division Company Commander Major C. Wright has the following to say regarding the completion of Operation Tame the Bear:
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    Getting on the same page for deployment
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    Leadership meeting
  15. until
    Culture and training
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