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  • Promotions for the week of 21DEC19

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    Congratulations to the following for being promoted!


    Lance Corporal

    Private First Class T. Codec --> Lance Corporal T. Codec

    Private First Class C. Austin --> Lance Corporal C. Austin

    Private First Class J. Taylor --> Lance Corporal J. Taylor

    Private First Class E. Pawlik --> Lance Corporal  E. Pawlik



    Private First Class

    Private A. Commie --> Private First Class A. Commie

    Private B. Sol --> Private First Class B. Sol

    Private T. Highway --> Private First Class T. Highway

    Private R. Merrick --> Private First Class R. Merrick

    Private J. Norton --> Private First Class J. Norton

    Private C. Lorenz --> Private First Class C. Lorenz

    Private C. Boberton --> Private First Class C. Boberton

    Private B. Reeves --> Private First Class B. Reeves

    Private A. Ronin --> Private First Class A. Ronin

    Private S. Ramsden --> Private First Class S. Ramsden

    Private F. Acker --> Private First Class F. Acker

    Private J. Cruz --> Private First Class J. Cruz


    Merry Christmas!!!! - S-1

    Edited by 1stLt H. Riggs

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