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  • 1st Marine Division returns victorious from Operation Tame the Bear

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    After over a month long deployment in Europe the 1st Marine Division returns from fighting the Russian's victorious. 1st Marine Division Company Commander Major C. Wright has the following to say regarding the completion of Operation Tame the Bear: 


    I would like to say thank you to everyone in S-3 who worked to develop this campaign, those in leadership who worked to lead and improve the unit throughout the duration of the campaign, all the recruiters who brought together this fantastic group of people, and of course everyone in the unit whose continued dedication and attendance made this deployment a fantastic combined arms experience. During the course of Operation Tame the Bear the unit was challenged by a modern force and a Zeus team that was dedicated to providing a challenging and rewarding experience. I am happy to say that the unit returns from Tame the Bear having gained the experience from fighting a tough opponent and new systems developed by leadership that aim to continue to improve the quality of operations in the unit. The future of 1st Marine Division is filled only with possibilities that can be achieved with continued improvement, dedication, and hard work. I look forward to our next deployment which will be to the middle east fighting an insurgent force. 



    Edited by LtCol C. Wright

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