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Document Number Procedures Date of Publication
1MD-001-P Standard Operation Ongoing
1MD-002-P S1 Recruitment 01/22/20
1MD-003-P S1 Clerk 08/23/20
1MD-003-P Suicide Toolkit 08/23/20
Document Number Regulations Date of Publication
1MD-001-R Uniform Code of Unit Justice 10/20/20
1MD-002-R Training Server 10/20/20
1MD-003-R Discharge and Retirement 08/20/20
1MD-004-R Discord 10/23/20
1MD-005-R Public Server 10/23/20
Document Number Standards Date of Publication
1MD-001-S Promotion Points 11/1/20
1MD-002-S Unform and Equipment 10/30/19
Document Number Templates Date of Publication
1MD-001-T Court Martial 11/20/20
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