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  • Maj C. Wright
    I am very excited to say that the unit has taken our first steps in opening our unit to public operations by launching a public server. This post will cover server information and rules and regulations regarding the server. 
    Server Information: 
    Port: 2322
    Rules and Regulations: 

    CWO3 L. Osorio
    Congratulations to those who've been promoted! Keep up the good work!

    LCpl H. Berkley -> Cpl H. Berkley
    LCpl N. Newman -> Cpl N. Newman

    PFC T. Larsen -> LCpl T. Larsen
    PFC K. Martin -> LCpl K. Martin 
    PFC C. Rubix -> LCpl C. Rubix

    Pvt J. Kalasag -> PFC J. Kalasag
    Pvt A. Bare -> PFC A. Bare
    Pvt W. Smith -> PFC W. Smith
    Pvt R. Mittler -> PFC R. Mittler
      Record actions  Report Record GO TO RECORDS

    CWO3 L. Osorio
    OC S. Anderson -> 2ndLt S. Anderson

    Cpl D. Jackson -> Sgt D. Jackson
    Cpl H. Wessell -> Sgt H. Wessell

    LCpl S. Williams -> Cpl S. Williams

    PFC J. Lodi -> LCpl J. Lodi
    PFC R. Raven -> LCpl R. Raven

    Pvt D. Grinch -> PFC D. Grinch
    Pvt K. Martin -> PFC K. Martin
    Pvt A. Tiblier -> PFC A. Tiblier
    Pvt H. Robles -> PFC H. Robles
    Pvt T. Reaper -> PFC T. Reaper

    Maj C. Wright
    The month of February represents 6 months of continuous operation for the 1st Marine Division! Congratulations to everyone who made this feet possible both those who are still with us today and those who came before. Every member who has come through and still is  in the 1st Marine Division has attributed to the success of this unit. We are not done yet though, the 1st Marine Division is looking forward and looking to continuously improve the experience that it provides its members. 
    A message from Company Commander Major C. Wright 

    Congratulations to the following for being promoted!
    Its been a long winter stand down but were back swinging. Apologies for grouping so many together, We decided to stop publishing these during the stand down.

    H. Riggs
    H. Berkley

    1st Lieutenant 
    M. Sanders

    Lieutenant, Junior Grade
    J. Roberts

    2nd Lieutenant
    J. Cruz

    A. Frost

    L. Damewood
    C. Lucero
    L. David
    J. Schumacher
    B. Sol

    Petty Officer 3rd Class
    D. Burns
    R. Campbell
    J. Ness
    S. Stankevich
    M. Lewis

    Lance Corporal
    C. Bar
    J. Chung
    J. Sif
    S. Dad
    N. Record
    B. Reeves
    T. Sucks
    A. Commie
    R. Merrick
    J. Norton

    J. Karma

    Private First Class
    D. Kim
    J. Lay
    T. Highway
    F. Acker
    J. Larson
    J. Kinkade
    These post are now handed by S-9, Public Relations. Please send all inquiries about this post to Capt H. Riggs, OIC S-9


    Promotions for the week of 21DEC19

    By Guest, in Homepage,

    Congratulations to the following for being promoted!

    Lance Corporal
    Private First Class T. Codec --> Lance Corporal T. Codec
    Private First Class C. Austin --> Lance Corporal C. Austin
    Private First Class J. Taylor --> Lance Corporal J. Taylor
    Private First Class E. Pawlik --> Lance Corporal  E. Pawlik

    Private First Class
    Private A. Commie --> Private First Class A. Commie
    Private B. Sol --> Private First Class B. Sol
    Private T. Highway --> Private First Class T. Highway
    Private R. Merrick --> Private First Class R. Merrick
    Private J. Norton --> Private First Class J. Norton
    Private C. Lorenz --> Private First Class C. Lorenz
    Private C. Boberton --> Private First Class C. Boberton
    Private B. Reeves --> Private First Class B. Reeves
    Private A. Ronin --> Private First Class A. Ronin
    Private S. Ramsden --> Private First Class S. Ramsden
    Private F. Acker --> Private First Class F. Acker
    Private J. Cruz --> Private First Class J. Cruz
    Merry Christmas!!!! - S-1


    Promotions for the week of 16DEC19

    By Guest, in Homepage,

    Congratulations to the following for being promoted!

    First Lieutenant W. Melon --> Captain W. Melon

    Second Lieutenant 
    Officer Candidate A. Lowson --> Second Lieutenant A. Lowson

    Lance Corporal K. Penney --> Corporal K. Penney

    Lance Corporal
    Private First Class K. Porter --> Lance Corporal K. Porter

    Private First Class
    Private N. Record --> Private First Class N. Record
    Private J. Larson --> Private First Class J. Larson
    Private J. Clark --> Private First Class J. Clark
    Private T. Sucks --> Private First Class T. Sucks
    Private M. Burton --> Private First Class M. Burton
    Private N. Gibbs --> Private First Class N. Gibbs
    Private K. Turbo --> Private First Class K. Turbo
    Private D. Hawkins --> Private First Class D. Hawkins
    Private L. David --> Private First Class L. David
    Private D. Jackson --> Private First Class D. Jackson
    Private I. Curths --> Private First Class I. Curths
    Private S. Mountain --> Private First Class S. Mountain

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